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Dayun Zig Z1 – Vertcoin Miner 6.8Gh/s

$722.00 $577.00

Model Zig Z1 from Dayun mining Lyra2REv2 algorithm with a maximum hashrate of 6.8Gh/s for a power consumption of 1200W.

Manufacturer Dayun
Model Zig Z1
Release September 2018
Chip size 28nm
Noise level 70db
Fan(s) 2
Power 1200W
Voltage 12V
Interface Ethernet

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The Sesterce Mining Service

  • PSU Included.
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  • Delivered worldwide via DHL Express and UPS.

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Crypto funds is value in the form of an amount in a cryptocurrency. This is a kind of digital coin, which is often used as an alternative for regular types of money. The world’s most famous cryptocurrency is Bitcoin. There are currently more than seven hundred cryptocurrencies in circulation. In the Netherlands, the value of crypto funds must be reported in Box 3. Given the often large fluctuations in value, the valuation date of 1 January takes on extra relevance. Depending on the jurisdiction, it sometimes matters whether cryptocurrency is considered as currency, which is the case in Japan, or as other assets, as in the Netherlands and Australia.
For the explanation about the Blockchain, we limit ourselves to the part that is relevant for mining. There is much more to tell about Blockchain technology. A blockchain is actually a large, distributed database. It is open to everyone, no one owns it. It’s just like the internet with all its websites. Anyone with an internet connection can see those pages. When using these databases, a sort of secret code is used, the ‘hashcode’. That code is linked to a certain purchase or transaction. The question is often: is a blockchain secure? The answer is yes, a decentralised blockchain is secure as each participant can see everything and collectively safeguard the security.
Simply stated, crypto mining means solving complex mathematical formulas to create crypto funds, by means of hardware or software. With mining, everything is documented on the blockchain. Everything is collected in a ‘block’, which then forms a chain of blocks in line with each other. You must remember that additions can only be made behind the block. Past transactions will always remain a part of the Blockchain and cannot be changed. Incidentally, not only are the transactions stored, but also reference to the previous block (the hash): a difficult to crack mathematical puzzle. The control over the transactions is usually achieved with what is called a Proof-of-Work protocol (PoW), a hashing algorithm. Or the complicated puzzle that must be solved by the miners. Thanks to PoW, there is agreement about all transactions in the records (Ledger). The computing power that the computer has provided for solving the mathematical puzzle and updating and checking the records is a proof of work. PoW. Thanks to this protocol, you do not need, for example, an accountant or auditor. With mining, you thus contribute to the security of cryptocurrency. That is, however, not the only advantage of crypto mining. As mentioned earlier in this article, you can also receive a reward for the use of the computing power of your miner. The biggest gains, however, can lie in discovering a new block in the Blockchain. Bitcoin has become very competitive, and therefore a lot of computing power is needed to earn a little bit. This therefore costs your miner a great deal of power. With other, smaller or newer crypto coins (ALTcoins), it can be easier. The value of this currency may still increase, which means that in the long run, you can still achieve a nice return.
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That is certainly possible!
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It comes from our former customers who previously purchased new devices from our store and chose our limited time hosting service. Among the conditions of the contract is that after the contract expires, we leave the customer the freedom to choose how to act on our host machine between 3 options The first is to ship the device to a town and bear the shipping cost Second: Renewing the contract, if any Third: Resell the device to us after it has been carefully examined by experts and made sure of its ability to enter the service, and from here we display it in our store in the section of old devices We never accept the sale of defective devices. We are dedicated to the benefit of our customers. Sometimes, we don't allow resale if a device is defective. What is sold directly to the company that manufactures it here in China is for recycling